Religions Are Up And Down…

Religions are always going to be this really intense subject that keeps people wondering about what the world is all about and what we are as humans and what we are even doing her on earth in the first place. It’s always going to have us questioning everything about our existence, and of course religion is a way for us to answer all of these tough questions in a pretty standard way, but of course this is not going to necessarily help us answer all the questions because we could answer every question of the universe by saying because God made it that way and it’s God’s will for the world to be the way it is. Of course this type of talk is not going to get us very far in an intellectual conversation and having an intellectual conversation, or at least starting this type of conversation, is what this entire website is all about.

If you are the type of person who is confused as to what religion or background you belong to or you just have questions that a lot of humans have about the universe and you just want them solved, or maybe you are just curious about some of the more obscure religions in the world, then you have come the right place because all these religions will be found on this site and in particular this article because we have gone over some of the world’s major religions and now we are going to roughly graze over the rest of the world religions and give brief descriptions of these religions so that you can go out and do your own research about all these really cool religions that no one really knows that much about.

One of the stranger religions in the world is Agnosticism, and these people believe that the knowledge of the existence of God is not knowable so there is no point in even trying to figure out if there is a God or whatever, and the lack of any evidence supports that there really isn’t any god and that we should all just chill out and live our lives pretty plainly.

Another cool religion in the world is the Amish religion, and these people are definitely Christians, but they just practice Christianity in a really weird way by being super strict about how they live in their communities.

Atheism is a growing religion that believes and advocates for the fact that God does not exist ant that there is no real evidence of knowledge about the existence of God so that means we all should just forget about God and just live in the moment and be who we are on earth because that’s all that we are ever going to be.

Celtic Paganism is also a really cool religious system that likes to do all these strange rituals and is primarily in Ireland and all these weird areas of the world because no one really cares about any of the bullshit they are trying to spit at us all.

Confucianism is a super cool religion that is based out of China is basically a list of morality and ethical teachings that have helped everyone all over the world live more peaceful lives and has created a whole movement in China and across Asia. It is very similar to Buddhism but it is primarily about the teachings of Confucius.

Dualism is the belief that there is an equal amount of force between good and evil in the world and that there are two gods that control both the effects of good and evil throughout the world, as we know it, and this is interesting to me but is still a little goofy.

The Hare Krishna religion is a super hippy movement that is still very peaceful and fun, and I really love singing the song all the time over and over again just like everyone in this religion. They practice honesty and being an overall good person just like most other religions.

Heaven’s Gate is a really weird religion the pastor will always rent Ferrari where ever he goes, the pastor believes that we are all here and going to be taken over by aliens and UFOs at some point, and a lot of these people killed themselves in 1997.

Religion Broken Down

Everyone understands that there is a lot to learn from religion, and I think in recent years we have seen this influx of so many people turning away from religious institutions because they have stopped to appeal to so many different people, and this is a very troubling problem that the world is facing right now. It’s not a good thing that people think they don’t need to be spiritual anymore and that they can live their lives without God in their minds and hearts on a regular basis, and many religions would say that we are on a slippery slope to seeing the majority of the United States become less and less religious and all of sudden be almost all atheist or Satanist at one point, which would be super gnarly if you ask me.

But the point of this entire website and all these articles is to educate people who may be suffering from some form of spiritual napping and who needs to be awoken spiritually, or maybe you are just really confused about what exactly you should do for yourself spiritually and that’s ok too because who really knows what in the world is happening on the outside realm in the dimensions that humans do not even know about. I think a lot of people are starting to believe that there are aliens out there that are out gods or our secret creators, and that would be pretty cool, but who knows really what in the world is going on so it’s important that we keep religious teachings important and a part of all of our world cultures and not to fight over our thoughts and differences so much as to find common ground among all of the world’s religions.

One of the world religions that tends to be fighting all the time with Christians and Jews is the Islamic faith, and I think especially here in the United States after September 11th we have created this very strange phobia of Islamic people and that’s not good at all and needs to change. The truth is that Muslim people are very devoted and spiritual people that need to be respected just as much as everyone else if not more than everyone else because of how close they are with God, or Allah as they would refer to God. They believe that Allah is superior to humankind and is some sort of alien in a way which I think is really cool and awesome because I think aliens are angels or our creators in some way or another too.

In the Islamic faith Allah is seen as the creator of the entire universe and he also the source of all good and all evil that happens within the world because everything that happens is Allah’s will, and I like this too because I also believe that everything happens for a particular reason so I guess that is synonymous for that everything happens in Allah’s will. They believe that Allah is very strict and powerful, and they sometimes have this fear of Allah as this all powerful alien who will destroy them if they do not abide by strict religious devotion and other practices that other religions do not go as far of an extent towards. In the Islamic faith we are all servants to Allah, so it is important that we serve Allah to the very best of our abilities and be sure that we are living our lives the way that Allah would want, which is also really cool because we should all be wondering about all of our actions and thinking much more in terms of morality than we do in today’s age, and I think if people did think about their moral decisions more often we would see the world change into a much better place.

Islamic people honor the very many prophets that have come and gone throughout history including the very famous prophet Muhammad who is considered to be one of the people who came and helped teach the word of Allah to so many people all around the world and really became like the spokesperson for all Muslims all around the world.

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Not Meant For An Argument

Religion is sometimes a really complex issue that brings about more argument than it creates cooperation and love amongst one another, and anyone who is actually a very spiritual being will know that religion is never meant to do any harm to anyone, but something has happened to a lot of religious institutions and has really messed things up in terms of how they operate and the messages that they try to get across to a lot of us in the world. It’s difficult to say that there is any one religion that is more accurate than any of the others because that wouldn’t be true at all because when it comes down to it none of us really know the answers to what is going to happen to us after we die, so we don’t know for sure if any religions at all are accurate, and I think the growing numbers of atheists in the world have spoken out enough that religion has not connected to people the same way it did let’s say one hundred years ago. The world was definitely a much different place one hundred years ago, but still it doesn’t make that much sense to just start neglecting all of the teachings that have been around for so long just because we have new advancements in science and their might be some truth to the facts that some of the ancient scriptures are not literally accurate.

But it’s not so much about which religion is right or better than any others because when it comes down to it we all know that all religions aim to do the same thing and they all teach the same practices that is to be a good person and to live peacefully while on earth, and that there is an after life of some sorts after we die that is waiting for us. Now, that last part might be a little bit far fetched for some people, but just bear with me for these articles about heaven and hell and whatever because it is a pretty big factor when it comes to talking about some of these world religions, especially the eastern religions that we are about to talk about extensively.

These articles are meant to talk about the world’s major religions in a way that we can help people who may be spiritually confused or need some guidance or maybe they are just curious about some of the other religions in the world that sometimes get misconstrued in American culture because they are different than the normal Judeo Christian values we all share, for the most part, in the western world.

So the next religion that we are going to talk about in this series of articles about the worlds’ major religions is Hinduism, and I think Hinduism might be the oldest religion that we are going to discuss in this site, but it also holds some of the most ancient knowledge about the world in my opinion, and some of these ancient teachings are actually more relevant today more than ever in terms of the breakthroughs in the studies of consciousness.

So for the most part Hindus believe in an all encompassing God or being of ultimate oneness is how they define God as Brahman, and they do this through hundreds of other interpretations of Brahman or gods and goddesses. I think because Hindus are still on the polytheistic vibe that they get a lot of crap from the other world religions, but the truth is that they don’t necessarily believe in all the voodoo stuff that are in their religious teachings and it’s no big deal that they have gods and goddesses. They have a lot of temples and other types of incarnations of these gods and goddesses, and a lot of the time these temples are extremely impressive.

Hindus believe that there is reincarnation and that they were placed on earth in their particular life and body for a purpose, and that purpose was determined in one of their past lives, and this is a way for Hindus to explain why there is evil and suffering in the world as an external effect of some cause that happened long before we even knew what we were doing as ourselves. It’s a very complex idea but it still is rather fascinating and really interesting if you ask me.  

Pretty Complicated

We all know that religion is pretty complicated and it is always an interesting topic to talk about with your friends because you never really know what you are going to get out of people when you start talking about these types of subjects. Some people will shy away from these types of talks with their friends because it seems like they are getting too deep or something makes them feel uncomfortable, but sometimes you can have some seriously great opportunities to talk to people about their lives and what they believe in, and this sometimes really defines who people are in a unique way because religion does in turn affect how we all choose to live out our lives, although all religions definitely promote positivity and being kind to everyone.

There are so many different world religions and they each have something unique that they can teach all of us if we look hard enough at these subjects and try to take everything we learn with an open mind, and I think having an open mind when you have conversations about eastern and other world religions is really important because these religions are not the norm in the western world, but they still have just as much to teach us about ourselves and the world in which we live in as Judaism and Christianity, if not more and in a better interpretation.

So the next religion that we are going to talk about is Buddhism, and although I think Buddhism has become more and more popular in the United States I still think there are a lot of misconceptions within Buddhism that makes things get a little fuzzy when we talk about this particular religion. First of all, it is important to know that Buddhists do not believe in any type of god nor do they believe that a god exists in the universe, and they definitely do not worship the Buddha. The real Buddha’s name is Siddhartha Gautama, and he was a real person who was a prince in China thousands of years ago, and he really did have a lasting impact on Asian culture forever kind of like how Jesus of Nazareth had a lasting impact on the western world.

The type of life that Buddhists live is very simple and peaceful, and one thing that I really like about Buddhism is the fact that they have a strong inclination towards meditation and meditation is actually something that they practice all the time and make a big part of their spiritual practices. I think that more religions could learn from Buddhists in this regard, and I also think that when a lot of westerners think of meditation they think of it as this mystical practice that Asian people do, but that’s not the truth at all and anyone who’s a live and conscious can meditate and feel the vibrations of the earth and essentially come closer to God.

Buddhists are always trying to strive for spiritual enlightenment, and although this seems like a far out concept it is something that we continually life with as we are reincarnated and live and die and live and die so on and so forth until we actually attain enlightenment, which I don’t think many people ever achieve. So in order to reach enlightenment a Buddhist must purify their heart and let go of all sensual desires and all yearnings all together that are in the real world and be a part of oneness with themselves and the universe.

Meditation is not like praying is in Christianity, and it is almost more of a self-discipline that they use it for, but I think that Buddhist forms of meditation doesn’t need to be like that and it can be a form of prayers, especially when you use spiritual mantras to keep the flows of your meditation flowing even stronger.

So the Buddhist people definitely have a lot to teach to the world and they are definitely very wise people who have come to know some of the secrets of the universe, and I think that this is super enlightening in itself and can help anyone of any religion at any point in life and at any place in the world.

World Spiritual Views

Different World Religions and their practices

There’s something that has always been very controversial about the topics of religions around the world, and we’ve seen time and time again in the history books through human kind’s existence that we have gotten in wars and fights with each other over the existence of God and other religious in differences that still rage on today in places like Israel and the Gaza strip where Muslims and Jews continue to fight each other over something that has become so convoluted over the years that it’s hard to even know what the wars have become about.

So how did the world come to this point in which we don’t understand why we’re fighting about, but for some strange reason it has something to do with religion, which is solely and always fundamentally about people’s relationship with the divine. The truth of the matter is that all of these fights and wars may be over the fact that we all think different interpretations of God and the divine, and because no one actually knows the truth about what happens when we all die there is so much debate about what happens in the next realm of existence or if there even is a God of any sorts at all. So many people have turned into atheists in recent years, and maybe that is because it is pretty fashionable to revolt against the standard world religions that have come to take over all forms of spirituality in the world, but that doesn’t have to be the reason exactly why people have turned away form the existence of God entirely. It really comes down to the fact that people are confused, and they have the right to be confused because religion and all the different types of world religions have made everything about the whole entire concept of God and the diving very confusing.

So if you are the type of person who finds themselves confused about the world and religion in general then you have come to the right place because all of these blogs in this series of blogs are about the different types of world religions and simply the facts of their beliefs and the practices in which all these different people conduct their religious ceremonies. Of course what we’ll find out is something that we already know and that is that all of these religions pretty much preach the same thing, which is to be good and kind to one another and do good for the world and reject evil, which makes sense given that religion in general could possibly just be something that helps humans get along, although it mostly has done the exact opposite if you look at the history of all these religions in the big scheme of things.

So the very first religion that we are going to discuss in this series about the world’s major religions is one of the oldest religions the world has ever known, and it is also the very first monotheistic religion in the world, Judaism. By monotheistic we mean that the Jewish people way back when in the days of Abraham and the creation of the religion were the first group of people to believe that there is only one, true God as opposed to the many other mythological religions who believed that there were hundreds of different gods for all different parts of the world.

The Jewish religions is a really awesome religion that is still around today, but the main thing that we should concentrate in terms of the Jewish people was when the time of Jesus Christ came around the Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah because in the Jewish faith they believed that when the Messiah came that would be the end of times for the human population, and as we have obviously seen the world has continued after the time of Jesus. This is the major difference between the Jewish and Christian faiths, and besides that these two religions are very similar because after all Jesus was a Jewish man and was known to be the Messiah of the Jewish people by those who are Christians, but the Jewish people don’t believe he was God and that’s the big schism that still exists today between these two major religions.

World religions are always a really touchy subject because there has always been so much different debate about which religion is the right one or who knows the most about what happens after death, but the truth of the matter is that there is no religion on earth who truly knows the answers to the divine, and because that is the case it is all about faith and different beliefs have emerged all over the world about God and the divine. There is obviously something very special going on within the consciousness of so many different humans across the world because so many people believe that we are here for a particular purpose and the planet earth is only the first phase of our existence as human beings, and to me this is a very mystical and fascinating idea that gets me really excited and starts the brain juices flowing like a river of blood, like the Nile River during the time of Moses.

When we look at some of the biggest and most popular religions across the world we can start to see a lot of different connections amongst all of them in that they all tend to preach the same thing that we should be good to one another and reject all forms of evil in our lives to make the world a better place. And to me this philosophy is a good one that no one should ever reject no matter whether you believe in God or not, because when it comes down to it if religion rejects violence, which sometimes it does not, it is a worthwhile social construct for all of us on earth.

But if you are the type of person who doesn’t exactly know what to believe or doesn’t know which religion you fall into but you know there is something else out there because you feel it within yourself then you have come to the right website because all of these blogs are specifically focused on the world’s largest religions and helps you learn the facts about each one and help you decide where you fit as a spiritual individual.

So before I start ranting too much about the over generalization of religions in general we should start talking about one of the more popular religions in the world, especially in the western world. That’s right you guessed right, we are about to talk about Christianity and the origins and everything you need to know about America’s best friend, Jesus Christ.

Christianity is a religion that started from Jewish faith because it is all concentrated around one belief, and that is that Jesus of Nazareth was the man who came down from Heaven and is the human reincarnation of God. This is such a mystifying and unbelievable claim by millions of people around the world, but the teachings of Jesus speak for themselves. He, Jesus, was one the most influential humans to ever walk the face of the earth and still today he is revered as God, and everything that he taught to the people of Israel during his lifetime was remarkable and timeless to the point that it almost makes sense that he wasn’t like everyone else and very well could have been God.

This of course is very controversial and for the majority of the world this claim isn’t true because Jesus was a human after all and not necessarily that of divinity, but for Christians he was both human and divine. Of course Jesus was probably someone really special and he most likely isn’t some fairy tale of a person and actually existed, which is really cool all in itself, but something really strange happened within the Christian faith a long time ago that split everyone up into so many different denominations, which is why we now see that there are hundreds of different types of Christians that all fall under the same ideology, which is kind of weird if you really think about it. This schism is known as the Protestant Revolution, and for a long time in places like Ireland Catholics and Protestants fought wars against one another, so it’s weird that people on the same team are fighting each other even though they all believe Jesus was God and that his words were divine teachings.

Jesus would never want people to make wars or anything like that so it is really sad to see just who violent Christians have become over the course of history since the death of Jesus.